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New Waterborne Coatings For Exterior Frames and Shutters

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Exterior Frames and Shutters
Exterior Frames and Shutters


As a homeowner, you strive to keep the exterior of your house looking beautiful and well-maintained. Your house's exterior frames and shutters, however, endure a lot of environmental factors that can wear down their appearance over time. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, dust, pollution, and UV rays can discolor and damage these areas. The good news is that there are now new waterborne coatings available for exterior frames and shutters that are more durable, eco-friendly, and affordable than traditional coatings. In this blog, Henry's Painting & Contracting has compiled important information about these new coatings that you should know.

1. What Are Waterborne Coatings?

Waterborne coatings are coating solutions that are primarily based on water as a solvent, rather than the traditional volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are used in oil-based coatings.

Key Characteristics:

  • Water-based solvent

  • Ingredients include pigments, resins, and additives

  • Excellent adhesion, flexibility, and durability

  • Available in various colors, textures, and finishes

2. Benefits of Waterborne Coatings

Waterborne coatings are the latest innovation for exterior frames and shutters out there, and they come with a range of benefits.

Notable Advantages:

  • Lower VOCs (environmentally friendly)

  • Enhanced chemical resistance (durability)

  • Easy application, fast-drying, and odorless (convenience)

To learn more about the benefits of waterborne coatings, you can visit Master Painters of America.

3. How to Apply Waterborne Coatings

Applying waterborne coatings is not too different from applying oil-based coatings. However, it is best to seek professional services from a reputable contractor like Henry's Painting & Contracting to avoid any pitfalls. Application Process:

  1. Assessment: Evaluate the condition of frames and shutters.

  2. Surface Preparation: Clean surfaces to remove dirt, moisture, or loose paint.

  3. Undercoating: Apply an undercoat and allow it to cure.

  4. Topcoat: Apply the final topcoat for the desired finish

4. Cost of Waterborne Coatings

While the cost of waterborne coatings varies depending on the type and quality of the coating, it is generally more affordable than oil-based coatings. Cost Considerations:

  • Cost-effectiveness over time due to durability

  • Work with experienced contractors for cost-efficient options

For more information on the cost considerations and affordability of waterborne coatings, you can read the article on PCIMAG.


In conclusion, new waterborne coatings for exterior frames and shutters provide an excellent solution to homeowners who want to maintain their houses' exterior appearance with durable, appealing, and eco-friendly coatings. Henry's Painting & Contracting recommends using waterborne coatings to protect your frames and shutters from harsh environmental factors, while providing a fresh and attractive finish. We welcome you to reach out to us to learn more about our painting services and how we can help you revamp your home's appearance.

By choosing waterborne coatings for your exterior frames and shutters, you can protect your home's aesthetic appeal while also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment. These coatings offer durability, convenience, and cost savings, making them an excellent choice for homeowners. If you're looking to refresh your home's exterior, consider waterborne coatings, and consult with professionals like Henry's Painting & Contracting for the best results.

For further insights into waterborne coatings and their long-term benefits, you can explore articles authored by the Paint Quality Institute.

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